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News digest 18 June 2008
>Primeur Live! from Dresden
>Prof.Dr. Meurer kicks off 23rd International Supercomputing Conference, warning "Don't mention 'RoadRunner'"
>Welcome address by Professor Wolfgang Schmid and Official ISC'08 Awards Ceremony
>From Dresden to Hamburg
>Shangai supercomputer centre helps companies in China
>Europe's share it the TOP500 at decade high
>Did they make it in time?
>TSUBAME - towards petacomputing for the masses
>PRACE Award goes to Dortmund University of Technology
>31st TOP500 List of world's most powerful supercomputers topped by world's first petaflop/s system
>The Grid
>European Grid Initiative at ISC'08: Supercomputers and Grids - The Future European Ecosystem
>Company news
>SGI mobilizes accelerator technology innovators in effort to boost scientific application performance
>Allinea Software's DDT Debugger and OPT Optimization, Profiler Tool now available for Cell Broadband Engine
>Allinea Software and Terra Soft Solutions partner to maximize performance for Cell BE Power Ecosystem
>Platform Computing launches networking site for HPC community
>ScaleMP announces support for IBM iDataPlex system
>Supermicro demonstrates 290GFLOPS/kW HPC solutions with best density at International SuperComputing (ISC) '08
European Grid Initiative at ISC'08: Supercomputers and Grids - The Future European Ecosystem
Dresden 18 June 2008 The European Grid Initiative Design Study (EGI_DS) welcomes the collaboration of the major European supercomputer projects, such as the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) and the Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications (DEISA), to contribute to the construction of the future sustainable Grid infrastructure in Europe.
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The EGI_DS Project Director Dieter Kranzlmüller stated that "Science and research today requires that the best computing tools and services are available at the right point in time. Supercomputers and Grids are the scientists' tools, which drive collaborative computational science to new frontiers. When shaping the future European ecosystem, we need to ensure that users are able to choose between the most appropriate tools for their particular needs."

This view is supported by Kimmo Koski, Managing Director of the Finnish IT Center for Science, CSC, and a member of PRACE Management Board. "Building a European HPC ecosystem requires active collaboration amongst all stakeholders. Since the users need various scales of computing resources - from high end supercomputers to clusters - interoperability such as between the European petascale computing initiative PRACE and EGI, but also with the major European projects such as DEISA and EGEE, is a definite requirement for building sustainable and scalable services. PRACE has a target to collaborate with key European projects, such as EGI, in building a competitive structure for advancing European computational science", Kimmo Koski explained.

The European Grid Initiative Design Study (EGI_DS) project represents an effort to establish a sustainable Grid infrastructure in Europe. The preparation work is carried out by the EGI Design Study, which is developing a model for the interaction between the new EGI Organization, the National Grid Initiatives (NGIs), and other potential stakeholders. The EGI Organization is expected to evolve over time to take onboard new technologies and changed user needs. EGI should become one of the driving forces of tomorrow's European research and technology, enabling science to remain at the cutting edge and industry competitive while ensuring sustainable service provisioning to the users.

The achievements of the EGI_DS and objectives for the EGI are presented at ISC'08. The EGI_DS Project Director Dieter Kranzlmüller will give a joint presentation with the Dissemination advisor of DEISA Wolfgang Gentzsch asking: "Supercomputers or Grids: That is the Question". The presentation will be held on Friday 20th of June from 11:00am-12:45pm, and of course deals with issues related to the construction of a sustainable Grid infrastructure in Europe. Additionally, members of the EGI_DS project team will be present during the whole exhibition at an information stand (C48) for discussions and material distribution.
Source: CSC

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