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Genias Benelux bv

James Stewartstraat 248

NL-135 JN Almere

tel: + 31 36 5373867

e-mail: info AT enterthegrid DOT com

Introducing EnterTheGrid

EnterTheGrid is your entrance to Grid Computing and High-Performance Computing (HPC), including distributed computing, peer-to-peer-computing and parallel computing. We provide a comprehensive range of services including the largest directory on Grid computing in the world, Grid computing and analysis and the largest Grid computing and HPCN news source in the world: Primeur magazine. Please contact us by email or telephone to discuss what we can do for you.


EnterTheGrid directory

At the core of the EnterTheGrid services is our database on Grid computing. It is the largest directory on Grid computing in the world and contains information on all projects, companies and products in the world. It is in fact more that a database: EnterTheGrid is an XML-based knowledge base. Part is available public on the web - you are looking at it now. In addition we have close to ten years of EnterTheGrid - Primeur Magazine archives that records developments of HPC and Grid computing over many years. EnterTheGrid uses the most advanced knowledge management techniques, like MPEG-7 bases classifications, XML Topic Maps and XML based integration with other information sources.

EnterTheGrid consulting

EnterTheGrid provides consulting, training and analysis sessions aimed at industry and commercial companies. We have, for instance an Grid Overview session that can help remove the hype out of Grid computing and explain what is available in hardware, software and standards and how it fits together. We also provide market and product analaysis and training courses.

EnterTheGrid Primeur Magazine

EnterTheGrid -Primeur Magazine is the world's leading magazine on Grid computing and HPC. It provides a weekly update right in your e-mail box. From major events we report Live! Ask for a four-week trial.
Last update: 29 May 2010. Contains 932 items. Recent changes
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ScaleMP28 May 2010
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